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What is behind the name Pauline? Why Paul? Of all the saints in the Church under whose patronage Blessed James Alberione could have placed our Congregation, why did he choose Paul, whose life and letters form such a large part of the New Testament?

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Totally Catholic: A Catechism for Kids & their Parents

Totally Catholic: A Catechism for Kids & their Parents

By (author): Mary Kathleen Glavich SND
SKU/EAN: 74795
ISBN: 9780819874795
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Format: Paperback / softback

Share and pass on the faith from A to Z with this guidebook of all things totally Catholic! In this comprehensive resource, children ages 9–12 and the grown-ups in their lives are provided with child-appropriate and theologically-correct language based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Containing extensive information on what Catholics believe and how they live as members within the community of believers, this manual also offers readers ways to engage in the faith.
  • Mary Kathleen Glavich, SND Sr. Mary Kathleen Glavich, a Sister of Notre Dame, taught for thirteen years before becoming general editor for the Christ Our Life religion series (Loyola Press), a position she held for fifteen years. She has had more than fifty books published, including two Catholic Press Association award-winners. Most recently, Sr. Kathleen has served as a member of the parish staff at St. Dominic Parish in Cleveland, Ohio.