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About Pauline

What is behind the name Pauline? Why Paul? Of all the saints in the Church under whose patronage Blessed James Alberione could have placed our Congregation, why did he choose Paul, whose life and letters form such a large part of the New Testament?

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God's Plan for You

God's Plan for You
Foreword by: Mary Beth Bonacci   Illustrated by: Norman Dapito   By (author): David Hajduk
SKU/EAN: 45175
ISBN: 9780819845177
Pages: 224
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $16.95

Based upon John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, this CPA award winner offers teenagers answers to their questions regarding the purpose of life, relationships, and sexuality. Author David Hajduk makes John Paul II’s magnificent vision of the human person accessible—and exciting—for today’s youth.

Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean

Ten Commandments for Kissing Gloria Jean
By (author): Britt Leigh
SKU/EAN: 74914
ISBN: 9780819874917
Pages: 192
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $9.95

A 14-year-old girl who wants her first kiss more than anything gets diagnosed with Celiac disease, prompting important considerations about her body and her Catholic faith. Themes include: faith, choices, sex & relationships.