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About Pauline

What is behind the name Pauline? Why Paul? Of all the saints in the Church under whose patronage Blessed James Alberione could have placed our Congregation, why did he choose Paul, whose life and letters form such a large part of the New Testament?

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Lenten Meditation

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Childrens Way of Cross

Childrens Way of Cross
By (author): Anne Joan Flanagan FSP   Illustrated by: Dick Smolinski
SKU/EAN: 69546
ISBN: 9780819869548
Pages: 40
Product Format: Pamphlet
Price:  $5.95

Each station opens with a suggestion of prayer for those who are immersed in the sufferings of Christ in today's world. Adapting St. Ignatius's approach to meditation, children imaginatively recreate scenes suggested in each station of the prayer.

Easter Grace

Easter Grace
SKU/EAN: 23627
ISBN: 9780819823625
Pages: 144
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $7.95

Alleluia! Christ is risen! Unearth a renewed and refreshed spirit, and let the light and power of the resurrection transform your Easter season through a lectio divina (holy reading) on the daily Gospel readings.

Lent With Pope Francis

Lent With Pope Francis
Compiled by: Daughters of St. Paul   By (author): Pope Francis
SKU/EAN: 45728
ISBN: 9780819845726
Pages: 128
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $7.95

Starting with Ash Wednesday and continuing through Easter week, Lent with Pope Francis offers daily inspiration from the Pope’s writings. Francis touches on common Lenten themes—like prayer, fasting, and almsgiving—while going deeper into these practices that can lead us closer to Christ.

Lenten Grace

Lenten Grace
SKU/EAN: 45256
ISBN: 9780819845252
Pages: 160
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $7.95

Share joyful moments and insightful reflections on the daily Gospel readings of Lent with the Daughters of St. Paul. In this companion, live in the abundant grace of the Lenten liturgical season as you are guided by the sisters in lectio divina (holy reading).

Mary's Way of the Cross

Mary's Way of the Cross
Illustrated by: Charles Craig   By (author): Irma Pfeifer   Lyrics by: Daniela Raab
SKU/EAN: 48387
ISBN: 9780819848383
Pages: 48
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $4.95

Unwavering in faith, Mary embodies the vocation entrusted to each one of us as disciples of Christ. Heartfelt meditations on how Mary must have felt as she followed her son at Calvary invite readers to reflect on Mary, Christ’s suffering, and their own life.