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What is behind the name Pauline? Why Paul? Of all the saints in the Church under whose patronage Blessed James Alberione could have placed our Congregation, why did he choose Paul, whose life and letters form such a large part of the New Testament?

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Kids Book of Prayers About All Sorts Of Things (Second Edition)

Kids Book of Prayers About All Sorts Of Things (Second Edition)

By (author)s: Elizabeth Heller, David Heller
SKU/EAN: 42109
ISBN: 9780819842107
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Format: Paperback / softback

A bestseller since its release, The Kid’s Book of Prayers is a notebook as well as a prayer book, giving children space to express their own thoughts, feelings, and prayers through writing or drawing. In this new edition from Elizabeth and David Heller, PhD., prayers for a safe journey or after a tough day at school sit alongside prayers for homeless persons and single parents, reminding children to “pray always” in the words of St. Paul.
  • Elizabeth Heller Elizabeth Heller, M.S. has assisted on the previously mentioned books and has co-authored The Best Christmas Presents are Wrapped in Heaven and Grandparents Are Made for Hugging. Her work with children included a children's news program for cable TV and a radio show for children on WPZ in Boston.
  • David Heller, PhD David Heller, Ph.D. is a leading authority on children and their views of religion and the world. He has authored numerous books on the subject. His work with children has been featured on "20/20" and CNBC, and in articles in People, Parents, Good Housekeeping, Catholic Digest, Redbook, USA Today, Psychology Today, and Parenting.