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About Pauline

What is behind the name Pauline? Why Paul? Of all the saints in the Church under whose patronage Blessed James Alberione could have placed our Congregation, why did he choose Paul, whose life and letters form such a large part of the New Testament?

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Graphic Novels

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Mother Teresa of Kolkata

Mother Teresa of Kolkata
By (author): Didier Chardez
SKU/EAN: 49588
ISBN: 9780819849588
Pages: 66
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $12.95

This full-color graphic novel tells of Saint Mother Teresa’s life and ministry among the poorest of the poor. Through entertaining stories of her life and work, this narrative includes perspectives from a priest who traveled with her for seven years.

Philip Neri, the Laughing Saint

Philip Neri, the Laughing Saint
By (author): Hyeon-Ju LEE
SKU/EAN: 60085
ISBN: 9780819860088
Pages: 168
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $12.95

The story of Saint Philip Neri, patron of joy and of laughter, is told in a full-color, graphic novel biography for children ages 9–12. St. Philip’s unique humor, self-sacrifice, and proverbs will inspire all readers to live out Christ's call.

Saint Clare of Assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi
By (author): Hee-ju Kim
SKU/EAN: 90871
ISBN: 9780819890870
Price:  $14.95

Saint Francis of Assisi: Messenger of Peace

Saint Francis of Assisi: Messenger of Peace
By (author): Toni Matas   Illustrated by: Picanyol   Colorist: Carlos Rojas
SKU/EAN: 72970
ISBN: 9780819872975
Pages: 64
Product Format: Coloring / Join the Dot Book
Price:  $9.95

Using historical records and beautiful artwork, this full-color graphic novel for children ages 8–10 tells the exciting life story of Saint Francis of Assisi—the son of a rich merchant who lives luxuriously and quests for military glory, but experiences a change of heart along the way.

Saint Joan of Arc: Quest for Peace

Saint Joan of Arc: Quest for Peace
By (author)s: Brunor Bar, Dominique Bar
SKU/EAN: 71303
ISBN: 9780819871305
Pages: 56
Product Format: Paperback / softback
Price:  $8.95

1429, the Hundred Years’ War: Operating under God’s command, a seventeen-year old girl leads the French army to an improbable victory over their English oppressors. Who was this astonishing young woman? How did she accomplish the feats that military experts call impossible?

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