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God's Mercy Awaits You

God's Mercy Awaits You

By (author): Patricia Barnette
SKU/EAN: 3159x
ISBN: 9780819831590
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Format: Paperback / softback

God’s Mercy Awaits You: Find Healing After Abortion

Many women who experience post-abortion trauma and guilt feel doomed to suffer in silence. In God’s Mercy Awaits You, experienced pro-life counselor Sr. Patricia Marie Barnette accompanies women on a journey out of the darkness of shame and regret and into the light of God’s forgiveness and mercy. Sr. Barnette is as empathetic as she is knowledgeable, and she approaches this difficult topic with compassion and sensitivity.

The book is also highly practical, filled with prayers, advice, and web and print resources that consider the issue from every perspective. If you or someone you know is living in pain caused by an abortion, God’s Mercy Awaits You is an invaluable resource to begin the process of healing.

  • Patricia Barnette

    Sister Patricia Marie Barnette, RGS, is a Sister of the Good Shepherd and ministers as a licensed professional counselor. She has worked in the post-abortion healing ministry for more than thirty years, helping women and men find peace and healing through the love of Jesus Christ. Sister Patricia has also ministered to teens in crisis pregnancies, women in domestic violence situations, and families and couples in crisis. She has worked in parish ministry and in vocation promotion for her congregation.