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Before I Sleep I Say Thank You

Before I Sleep I Say Thank You

By (author): Carol Gordon Ekster   Illustrated by: Mary Rojas
SKU/EAN: 12250
ISBN: 9780819812254
Publisher: Pauline Books & Media
Format: Hardback

With bright and playful illustrations, Before I Sleep: I Say Thank You uses a simple bedtime story to help children ages 4–8 develop a nightly habit of prayer and gratitude. Children are encouraged to think about their day and consider both what they could have done better and those things for which they are thankful. A parent page touches on the Examen prayer. This book gives young children examples of ways they can be grateful in their own lives.
  • Carol Gordon Ekster When not working on her books, Carol spends time doing yoga, reading, and bike riding. She is the author of Where Am I Sleeping Tonight?(A Story of Divorce) and Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room. Carol Gordon Ekster was a passionate elementary school teacher for thirty-five years. Now retired, Carol is grateful that her writing allows her to continue communicating with children. She lives in Andover, MA with her husband Mark.
  • Mary Rojas